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New National Curriculum | INSET and Continuing Professional Development | ipad and tablet training for teachers

our work

Past and current clients include:

  • Individual Schools
  • Osiris Educational
  • The Open University
  • Hibernia College (HCUK)
  • Creative Education
  • The Achievers Programme (India)
  • More Music

Projects with our clients include literacy, numeracy, apps and iPad use for teachers, primary and secondary curriculum development, the new National Curriculum, PGCE and other routes to QTS, NQT mentoring, leadership and management at all levels, behaviour management both for teachers and support colleagues, Mindset, music technology, music and autism, managing stress and managing difficult colleagues.

New courses in development include:

How Motivated is your School?

Drawing on a wealth of research and activity in schools, this flexible programme supports schools in understanding, analysing and developing the range of factors that influence levels and types of motivation.  It assists schools in moving from external control to internal motivation, characterised by ‘optimistic learners’, be they teachers or students.

This programme can be presented in a variety of ways, for instance to a team of staff or the whole staff, with a range of options for follow up work and support.  Contact us to discuss how this might meet the developmental needs of your school.

iPad/Tablet  Training for Teachers

Our programme is delivered to small groups, by teachers.  We have a teacher specialising in training teachers who are new to(and maybe cynical about) the iPad and a teacher specialising in working with more experienced iPad users.

Teachers Talking

This is a bespoke arrangement that offers support to teachers when things threaten to get a bit too much.  At these times, many teachers need to talk, but the right listeners are not always available.  This can results in further difficulties, when a teacher confides inappropriately, or the desire to talk becomes a burden for close colleagues or family members. This service is offered flexibly, on or off site, in or out of school hours and is also offered via Skype.


Tibke Education Associates Ltd can supply professionals with the right mix of experience and expertise to support and advise in such circumstances.  We are an informed, neutral third party, not the senior leadership team, the local authority, Ofsted or a union.


This service is a wise investment in teacher wellbeing and much more cost effective for school leaders than letting stress run too far and result in problematic absences.